Create a XML file in Ax

This blog post is dedicated to XML files. A simple example, showing you how to create an XML file. Luckily, Ax already contains the framework to create an XML file, so it can do most of our work.

static void XML_Basic(Args _args)
{ XMLDocument xmlDoc;
XMLNode nodeRoot, commentNode;

XMLNode PanelNode;

XMLNode LengthNode;
XMLNode WidthNode;

FileName xmlFileName;

// create XML
xmlDoc = XMLDocument::newBlank();
nodeRoot = xmlDoc.documentElement();

// create XML nodes
commentNode = xmlDoc.appendChild(xmlDoc.createComment('Comment'));
commentNode.text('XML file from');
PanelNode = xmlDoc.appendChild(xmlDoc.createElement('Panel'));
LengthNode = PanelNode.appendChild(xmlDoc.createElement('Length'));
WidthNode = PanelNode.appendChild(xmlDoc.createElement('Width'));


// write XML to file
new FileIoPermission(xmlFileName, 'rw').assert();;

There are 3 basic steps in this small 'tutorial'. Step 1, create the XML document. Step 2, add the XML nodes. And step 3, save the XML document in a file. This example will create a very basic XML file, which introduces you to the world of tags, elements and attributes.

As XML files are a common way of exchanging information, you may want to get familiar to the terminology over here.

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