Getting Individual Dimension Combination Values–Dimension Storage class [AX 2012]

In this post, I will be explaining the method to get individual values for each dimension combination that is created and stored.
Dimension combinations are stored are DimensionAttributeValueCombination class. But they are stored as a combination ex: (100010-AX-00001- – - -). How would you know the value in each combination belongs to what dimension?
The answer is through dimension storage class. This class is used to manipulate these combinations.
The job below helps you in finding out the required values. The job has lots of self explanatory comments.
static void getDimensionCombinationValues(Args _args)
    // DimensionAttributeValueCombination stores the combinations of dimension values
    // Any tables that uses dimension  combinations for main account and dimensions
    // Has a reference to this table’s recid
    DimensionAttributeValueCombination  dimAttrValueComb;
    //GeneralJournalAccountEntry is one such tables that refrences DimensionAttributeValueCombination
    GeneralJournalAccountEntry          gjAccEntry;
    // Class Dimension storage is used to store and manipulate the values of combination
    DimensionStorage        dimensionStorage;
    // Class DimensionStorageSegment will get specfic segments based on hierarchies
    DimensionStorageSegment segment;
    int                     segmentCount, segmentIndex;
    int                     hierarchyCount, hierarchyIndex;
    str                     segmentName, segmentDescription;
    SysDim                  segmentValue;

    //Get one record for demo purpose
    gjAccEntry = GeneralJournalAccountEntry::find(5637765403);

    setPrefix("Dimension values fetching");
    //Fetch the Value combination record
    dimAttrValueComb = DimensionAttributeValueCombination::find(gjAccEntry.LedgerDimension);
    setPrefix("Breakup for " + dimAttrValueComb.DisplayValue);

    // Get dimension storage
    dimensionStorage = DimensionStorage::findById(gjAccEntry.LedgerDimension);
    if (dimensionStorage == null)
        throw error("@SYS83964");

    // Get hierarchy count
    hierarchyCount = dimensionStorage.hierarchyCount();
    //Loop through hierarchies to get individual segments
    for(hierarchyIndex = 1; hierarchyIndex <= hierarchyCount; hierarchyIndex++)
        setPrefix(strFmt("Hierarchy: %1", DimensionHierarchy::find(dimensionStorage.getHierarchyId(hierarchyIndex)).Name));
        //Get segment count for hierarchy
        segmentCount = dimensionStorage.segmentCountForHierarchy(hierarchyIndex);

        //Loop through segments and display required values
        for (segmentIndex = 1; segmentIndex <= segmentCount; segmentIndex++)
            // Get segment
            segment = dimensionStorage.getSegmentForHierarchy(hierarchyIndex, segmentIndex);

            // Get the segment information
            if (segment.parmDimensionAttributeValueId() != 0)
                // Get segment name
                segmentName = DimensionAttribute::find(DimensionAttributeValue::find(segment.parmDimensionAttributeValueId()).DimensionAttribute).Name;
                //Get segment value (id of the dimension)
                segmentValue        = segment.parmDisplayValue();
                //Get segment value name (Description for dimension)
                segmentDescription  = segment.getName();
                info(strFmt("%1: %2, %3", segmentName, segmentValue, segmentDescription));
Here is a sample output after running the code:
Note: Hiearchies: CEEBD_Dept-CostCenter-Purpose and CorpShared_Dept-CostCenter-Purpose are child hierarchies of “Account structure”.

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