Filtering on linked table in Axapta/Dynamics Ax

I have a form in Axapta/Dynamics Ax (EmplTable) which has two data sources (EmplTable and HRMVirtualNetworkTable) where the second data source (HRMVirtualNetworkTable) is linked to the first on with "Delayed" link type.
Is there a way to set an filter on the records, based on the second data source, without having to change the link type to "InnerJoin"?
You could use "Outer join" instead of "Delayed" then change the join mode programmaticly when there is search for fields on HRMVirtualNetworkTable.
Add this method to class SysQuery:
static void updateJoinMode(QueryBuildDataSource qds)
    Counter r;
    if (qds)
        for (r = 1; r <= qds.rangeCount(); r++)
            if (qds.range(r).value() && qds.range(r).status() == RangeStatus::Open)
In the executeQuery() on the EmplTable datasource:
public void executeQuery()
    SysQuery::updateJoinMode(this.queryRun() ? this.queryRun().query().dataSourceTable(tableNum(HRMVirtualNetworkTable)) : this.query().dataSourceTable(tableNum(HRMVirtualNetworkTable)));    
Sometimes this.queryRun() return null so use this.query() instead.

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