Find extended type in table

This jobs checks if a given extendedType is found on a table: It is called with a table id and a extendedTypeNum. static void findExtTypeInTable(Args _args) { boolean fieldInTable(TableId _tableId, extendedTypeId _typeId) { SysDictTable sysDictTable = SysDictTable::newTableId(_tableId); SysDictField sysDictField; int i, fieldId; ; for (i=1; i<= sysDictTable.fieldCnt(); i++) { fieldId = sysDictTable.fieldCnt2Id(i); sysDictField = sysDictTable.fieldObject(fieldId); if (sysDictField.typeId() == _typeId) return true; } return false; } boolean fieldInTableTxt(TableId _tableId, extendedTypeId _typeId) { if (fieldInTable(_tableId, _typeId)) info(strfmt("Type %1 found in table %2", extendedTypeId2name(_typeId), tableid2name(_tableId))); else warning(strfmt("Type %1 does not exists in table %2", extendedTypeId2name(_typeId), tableid2name(_tableId))); } fieldInTableTxt(tablenum(SalesTable), extendedTypeNum(InventDimId)); fieldInTableTxt(tablenum(SalesLine), extendedTypeNum(InventDimId)); }

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