AX 2012 Trade Agreements

Trade agreements in AX 2012 will be setup using journals. These journals will now “post” new agreements, changes to existing agreements, and remove agreements. 

Activate Trade AgreementsTo use trade agreements, you must first activate them for the types you plan to use.
To activate trade agreements go to each of the following forms in AX.
Sales Order Agreements – Sales and Marketing > Setup > Price/Discount > Activate Price/Discount
Purchase Order Agreements – Procurement and Sourcing > Setup > Price/Discount > Activate Price/Discount
Activate price/discount
Mark the checkbox for each type of agreement across each tab that you want to use to define the price of sold for purchased items.
Define GroupsGroups are defined to make allocating items to a customer or vendor faster and easier. Customer or Vendor Groups can be assigned to a customer/vendor and then linked to an item or group of items through the trade agreement.
The groups can be defined through the Inventory and Warehouse Management module under Setup>Price/Discount. Or through the Setup section of either Sales and Marketing or Procurement and Sourcing module.
The groups are associated to a vendor, customer, or item through the particular record.
Price groups are for creating prices for items or groups of items which line, multiline, and total discount groups are used for applying discounts to orders.
Customer price/discount groups 
Customer Price/Discount Groups

Another feature of Customer Price Groups is that the can be used to print a “price list”. The price list will contain every trade agreement that is associated with the selected customer group. This can be initiated through the Send button on the Customer Price/Discount Group form.
Create Trade AgreementsCreating a trade agreement can be done through any of the “groups” forms. The Trade Agreement button on these forms will allow the user to create a trade agreement of any type and relation.
Under the Trade Agreements button, select the Create Trade Agreements option to open the form where Price/Discount Agreement Journals are created.
Price/Discount agreement journal
Price/Discount Agreement Journal
Create a new journal entry and press the Lines button to add lines.
Price/discount agreement journal lines
Price/Discount Agreement Journal Lines
New trade agreement lines can be created by pressing CTRL+N, or you can import existing journal lines by using the Select Button and entering information about what you want to add in the dialog box.
The adjustment can be used to call a dialog that will allow adjustments to be made to the existing journal lines. The adjustments can be percentage adjustments or dollar value adjustments based on the current price, cost price, default price or zero. Or the adjustments can be to the discount specified.
Journal lines can be copied using the Copy Lines button, or copied and revised through a dialog using the Copy and Revise button. The clear journal button will remove any added entries to the journal. The Select all Agreements to Delete button will allow the user to specify which journal entries they want to be deleted and therefore no longer used. Once all items have been marked for deletion, they can be restored by using the Restore Lines button.
When entering a trade agreement, the Relation field allows the user to specify the type of agreement the want to create. A single journal can contain multiple types of agreements, including both purchasing and sales agreements. The account code and item code will define the customer or vendor, and item relation. The options are either table (a specific customer/vendor/item), group (one of the created groups of customers/vendors/items) or All customers/vendors/items.
The From and To field will allow the user to specify the quantity range for which the agreement will be applicable. And in the section below the grid, discounts, date ranges, and lead times can be added to each line of the journal.
Clicking the Post button will post all the entries in the journal.
Once posted, the entries can be view in the Group form under the trade agreement button by selecting the agreement types to view.
customer price discount groups
Customer Price/Discount Groups

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