Faster start Reporting Services

In the morning, your users complain about slow reports. There is often a bad habit of saying that this is due to the first launch and it will get better eventually.
Obviously, users are entitled to expect a more suitable as a resolution of this issue, for example response.
In SSRS 2005, the problem was with IIS (which turned the reports) that "off" process after a while. The default is 20 minutes, including the latency to start the first call. To solve the problem, you just need to configure the Application Pool.
In SSRS 2008, there is more useless to the IIS incrimer. However, Reporting Services implements the same logic. So just set the recycle time. This happens in the file rsreportserver.config (c: \ program files \ microsoft sql server \ <instance> \ Reporting Services \ ReportServer \).
The parameter RecycleTime , just put 0 to indicate that the SSRS instance should not be extinguished.
< Service >
  < RecycleTime > 0 </ RecycleTime >
</ services >
Next topic: the pre-load reports to start faster Smile.

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