Field "fieldname" in Table "tablename" has not been explicitly selected in AX 2012

Hi all,
I've a Dynamics AX 2012 installation in my enviroment. When I open several forms (like Target Entities in Data Import Export Framework, or CustTrans, or VendTrans) I receive this error: Field "fieldname" in Table "tablename"  has not been explicitly selected in AX 2012.
Can you tell me what can be the cause of this error?
  • Hi Guiseppe,
    I have seen this error a few times. It can be caused by an illegal data in a table , e.g. it contains NULL value, which is not allowed in AX (except table inheritance). Sometimes it helps me to restart a client or AOS. Of course I assumed that you did full compile without errors and synchronized the database.
  • Hi Petr,
    Unfortunately I have already compiled and synchronized the application without errors and restarted the AOS...Any other ideas?
  • It means that the field was read but its value wasn't retrieved from database. See Tutorial: AX 2012 - Invalid field access or Accessing unretrieved fields for more detailed explanation.
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  • You are right Martin, but this is true if you select existing record from a table. In this case is evident that the user open the form DMFEntity for the first time. So, the table DMFEntity is empty and the init method of the DMFEntity form wants to populate this table with default mapping and calls the validateWrite method before insert.
  • Petr, is it a bug?
  • Hi,
    I have the some problem with AX 2012R2:
    This is the error msg when I run Sales Tax Report:
    Stack trace: Field 'VATNum' in table 'CompanyInfo' has not been explicitly selected.
    Stack trace
    (S)\Classes\TaxReportingDP\insertTaxReportingTmp - line 82
    (S)\Classes\TaxReportingDP\processReport - line 101
    (S)\Classes\SrsReportProviderQueryBuilder\initialize - line 57
    Stack trace error appears also - for example - when I export data from the database.
    Can somebody help me, please?
  • I believe the original "select" is using a Field List, and the field DMFEntity is probably not in the field list, or for some other reason (aggregate functions maybe) the field may be not retrieved.
    There is no problem on calling validateWrite before Insert. It's actually a good practive, but if the validateWrite is overridden in the Form Datasource, then there might be a need for a technical intervention.
    Check that.
  • I get the same error in other places...CustTrans table --> postLoad() method, VendTrans table --> postLoad() method...What can I do to fix it?
  • Hi all,
    I'm receiving this error in some other methods in AX. I am solving by changing the select statements adding the required field.
  • What do you mean by "changing the select statements adding the required field"?
  • Hi Giuseppe,
    I encountered the same error also "Field 'isConsolidation' in "CompanyInfo' has not been explicitly selected".
    How do you resolve the issue? Where do you do the select statement?
    Thank you.
  • I added a blog post about this matter. I hope this helps!
    Always check the datasource/select statement for the error
    Kind regards,
  • System administration - setup - system - server configuration
    tab: performance optimization
    "Error on invalid field access" => set to "no"
  • Hi,
    For new fields in CompanyInfo the solution was to "compile forward" from DirPartyTable.

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