AX 2012 - Working with Record Templates

I hope everyone is off to a great new work week this fine Monday. I wanted to take the time, and highlight in AX 2012, a few things around Working with Record Templates.

The screen shot you see above, is from the Released Products, extended details form. You will notice the creating a template is performed from the Ribbon, and not from the record info form. 

With this pointed out, however, if you go to say the All Customers list page, and then click on the details of a specific customer to bring up the extended details form. Then right click, and left click on Record Info you will see that for most all other master record types this still lives within the record info form itself.

Both of these will create record templates, in which can either be system wide, or user specific. These can be managed from the Home > Setup > Record Templates form.

Launching this form is what gives you the ability, to manage existing record templates, including editing them, after they have been saved as such. 

This is the location for the management of all record templates. Now to take this back to products, since they are a little different. I want to point out the fact, that you have a newApply Template button on the Ribbon of the list page, that in fact has multiselect enabled for it.

Working with record templates in Microsoft Dynamics AX is nothing new, however where this is managed, and for products, how these can be applied and even created have changed. This still is a very valuable concept, that companies should look at to help them in maintaining their data.

Well that's all for this post, I hope everyone has a great week, and check back soon as a lot more to come. Till Next Time!

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