Unable to render content due to an error in Timesheet page of Ax-EP

While we are creating the new lines for timesheet on the Enterprise Portal website in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, in Edit time sheet page,
it is going to the error page with a render error.
When I have googled for this error,  I got clue like this is because of timezone (system date) related issues. I had tried all the suggestions, but did not help much.
We got some fix as XPO, which needs to import into Ax, we are not ready to import the same, becasue already we have heavy customizations for the objects, same which are present in XPO.
 Here one important thing I had observed like, even though we are getting page render error, the new line is added to the Timesheet.
 So I played a small trick here, and that solution worked out and the issue got resolved. 
Solution is simple….
 Solution: In TimesheetEdit web part, I have added code, to redirect to the same page with the current Timesheet number, after the new line creation functionality.

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