Workflow Installation Issues on 64bit Servers

This time when I am trying to install workflow, I have faced some issues, earlier no issues.
I want to share the same with my blog readers.
My System configuration: Windows 2008 R2 64 bit and IIS 7
I have already installed EP, for this EP, Sharepoint is running on 80 port number.
Default Web Site was in Stopped state, this was also on the same 80 port. I did not observe this and started the installation of Workflow for Dynamics Ax.
Installation is done with some warnings, I have ignored those warnings and tried to validate the URL from Ax client,  Basic  –> Setup –> Settings for workflow.
Then I have seen the following error
Error:     Error Client found response content type of ‘text/html; charset=utf-8′, but expected ‘text/xml’.
The request failed with the error message  …….. <some HTML type string error>
Later I have observed, that Default Web Site was in Stopped stateand port was assigned as 80, then I have changed the port number to 88.
Uninstalled the workflow setup, again installed the workflow, this time also workflow is installed with some warnings.
WARNING: Setup could not validate that the ASP.NET version on virtual directory ‘MicrosoftDynamicsAXWorkflow50′ was changed.
Again tried to Validated the URL from Ax Client. This time I have seen different error message.
Error:  The request failed with HTTP status 405: Method Not Allowed.
I have googled for this error and I got the solution like, need to change the properties of Application pool in IIS. I got the solution from the following link.
The property I have changed for the same, please have a look on the following picture.
After this property is changed, the workflow URL is validated successfully.
For workflow related issues in Dynamics Ax, we can refer the following link.

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